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7 Types of Ad Copies
That Will Drive Action from Your Audiences - Part 1



Creating effective ad copy is essential for successful advertising campaigns. Whether it's for social media, search engine marketing, or display ads, the right ad copy format can make a significant impact on the audience (and conversions). Copywriters of all sorts must be aware of these types of ad copies so that they use the right format when needed.

What is an ad copy?

An ad copy is any content written with the objective of goading the reader to take specific action. They are so ubiquitous; you must have seen them without realizing what they were. For instance, 'Sale till stocks last! Hurry.' Perhaps you've even acted on some of these. In that case, could you say that the ad copy worked!
Ad copies, when written strategically and with an eye on the final goal, can bring the audience's attention to an important aspect of the message by making it easily comprehendible. Here are 7 ad copy formats that have been proven to work effectively.


Testimonials are a great way to snag customers. Here, you share other customers' positive experiences with your brand or service. Including their name or photo with the testimonial gives it a sense of authenticity.
For example,
I love Amway products. I have started sleeping well and am able to focus better after taking them. My daughter is allergic to all the products in the store. Now, we use Amway soaps and the allergy has disappeared. You would want to try these products too!
Oliver, NY


Many people are looking for great deals, discounts, or rebates. So, these ad copies appeal to people who like a good deal and are willing to spend money if they think they are getting more value from the deal than they are paying for it. These ads work best when you create a sense of urgency around them.
For example,
The Man Company
Buy any three perfumes for just Rs. 499. Use code HNY499. Hurry, offer only until 31st December 2023 midnight.

Appeal to ego

People want to hear that they are special. So, these ad copies massage their egos. If you can appeal to this desire to feel special, you will get them to take the action that you want. But take care that the copies are not too generic. The ad copies that successfully appeal to the customers ego are often very specific.
For example,
Raymonds - The Complete Man.
It means, a successful man but not necessarily who has tried very hard to get there. So, a common man who has become a success.


Some ad copies are presented with a list of benefits or features of the product or service. You can make these ad copies more visually appealing by using numbers, say benefit #1, #2, #3, so on.
For example,
Goa Tourism
3 killer reasons to visit Goa during the rainy season

  • Super economical
  • Few tourists around
  • Time and space to enjoy your solitude


Some ad copies highlight the advantages their products or services have over their competitors. You can support your claim with statistics or customer testimonials.
3 Heres an example from Apple, where they are comparing the Mac with a normal PC.

Apple was basically trying to portray their Mac as being charismatic and laid-back, while the PC was basically unorganized in thought and execution. Several ads were released around this concept and all of them played on the same idea – that eventually, Mac is better.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO ads try to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. It is designed to address the audience's innate fear of losing out on an offer, making them that much more likely to take it up. If it is an offer, it is for a limited time only. The same goes for special edition sales.
For example,
Amazon Great Indian Festival.


Question-answer format ad copies are relatively simple. They pose a common question (or concern) and then provide an answer. They also address potential objections that customers might have to purchasing your product or service.
For example,
It means, a successful man but not necessarily who has tried very hard to get there. So, a common man who has become a success.
Mummy: My phenyl detergent also cleans the toilet well enough.
Akshay Kumar: But if your son asks you why your toilet is so yellow despite, what will you answer him?
That is why we have the New Harpic. It is even thicker than the old one. It sticks to surfaces even surely and removes germs, stains, and smell.
Mummy: Wow! We will use the new Harpic now!

Final words

In today's competitive advertising landscape, utilizing the right ad copy format can make all the difference in capturing the attention of your target audience and driving meaningful engagement. From evoking emotions to solving problems, the above ad copy formats are proven to be highly effective in the real world, accompanied by real-world examples to illustrate their impact.
Marketing agencies and creative agencies that want to make a difference must understand what makes a brand tick and incorporate the strengths in ad copies that will effectively convey the benefits or main message of that brand to the respective audiences.

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